Workshop: The Human Side of Work

How to create a constructive conflict culture with “Clear the Air”

On the way to new work we usually encounter challenges on the human side. Conflicts either escalate or are swept under the rug (neither strategy helps). Without a boss to delegate conflict resolution to, you need other ways to make sure conflicts are being addressed and solved in a way that everyone is happy with the outcome.

What is “Clear the Air”?

Clear the Air (CTA) is an approach that is based on the work of American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg and is adapted to organisations on the way to next:land. It helps you to…

… build individual conflict resolution skills
… express yourself 100% honestly – without judgement
… train your empathy skills and see the humanity in anything other people do – even if you don’t agree with what they’re doing
… get directly to the core of a conflict and find new strategies that work for all sides
… channel your frustration and anger constructively without suppressing them
… more effectively support colleagues who are in a conflict
… create a culture of psychological safety where people feel free to express themselves they way they are and let their guard down

Day 1 (9-17:30h)

The basics of the CTA approach
How a “Clear-the-Air-Meeting” works and how it can help you solve current conflicts in your team
Different strategies how to systematically develop a constructive conflict culture in your organisation
How CTA can supplement other next:land approaches like Agile or Holacracy
Best practices from CTA implementations in organizations large and small

Day 2 (9-17:30h)

How to work with your own red buttons
How to interact with others when their red buttons have been pressed
The basics of mediating the conflicts of others
Strategies for emotional self-care and hygiene
How to express more “juicy” appreciation

Watch this short introduction into the Clear The Air format by Georg, presented during the Holacracy Forum 2017 (starting at 06:35 min.):

Workshop Dates



September 21 & 22, 2020

dwarfs and Giants @ STUDIO11
Workshop Room
Bräunerstraße 11/3
A-1010 Vienna


You can book only day 1 or both days together. Participant limit for Day 1 is 15 people, for Day 2 it’s 12 people.


German / English


Day 1: EUR 400,– (net)
Day 1 & 2: EUR 700,– (net)

The ticket fee includes the training, workshop materials and lunch.

Please register via email including your Name, Organization and Invoicing Adress at:

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