next:pedition 2024/25

We now live in a world that is defined by exponential change and inescapable uncertainty. Current and future organizations and their leaders need to find new answers how to become responsive and thrive in dynamic complexity. Welcome to next:land!

Organizations as we know them – formed by needs of the industrial revolution, hierarchies of people and power – are the answer to questions from the past. Shaped by a dominant mindset of a bygone century, where leaders and economists believed in equilibrium, unlimited growth and rational behavior of people.

How can we as next:leaders shape organizations that are ready to face the world’s most critical challenges?

About the Lab

The next:pedition provides a unique learning space to experience the challenges of next:land and develop new answers as next:leaders. Set up as a lab, it is the invitation to generate deep insight through a cutting-edge experiential learning design. The lab helps individuals and organizations unlock their potential to sense and respond to change and dynamic complexity. It helps participants to apply, try out or even to prototype adequate post-conventional practices. The question we are holding during the lab is: How can we as next:leaders shape organizations that are ready to face the world’s most critical challenges?

2 Focal Points

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The Individual

Experience yourself how you handle the complexity of dynamic and diverse context. Build new competencies by collaborating with other pioneers in the field to create your unique learning journey.

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The Organization

Learn theories, practices and tools to shape organizations of the future! Explore ways to incorporate next:land ideas into your organizational context. One next:land core-element is building effective teams: Immerse yourself into the dynamics of diverse teams. Train your skills to lead difficult conversations and create psychological safety and a sense of belonging – essential ingredients for high-performing teams.

5 Reasons
... for you to join!
  1. You will find new ways of working to shape and lead your organization to embrace innovation, responsiveness and meaningful collaboration.
  2. You will find peers and a safe space to reflect and transform your personal patterns.
  3. You will build courage and confidence in guiding your organization on that transformation.
  4. You will experience and apply transformative self-organization practices necessary to thrive in a world of dynamic complexity.
  5. You will learn from, explore and practice with pioneers from other organizations: In a physical and virtual lab environment (case work, experiments) plus learning journeys.

The content of the next:pedition and the learning environment were extremely helpful to reflect my own mindset and to enrich my own change process with a new attitude. For our daily business, I explored new methods that help to progressively transform my organization.

Frank Hoettemann, Participant next:pedition (2019/20)
Agile Lead Innovation & Head of Brandstrategy, eprimo GmbH

How will you learn all this?

During the course of this program, you will get many chances to prototype, fail, reflect, learn and succeed:

  • You will experience yourself in two teams: one to self-organize your own learning journey and a homegroup to reflect and digest learnings as we go. The teams will be equipped with tools to reflect on their dynamics, tackle conflicts as learning opportunities and grow together.
  • You will work on real organization cases and experiment within your own context.
  • You will experiment with our toolbox for next:leaders & change makers: a handpicked selection of approaches and methods based on Agile Working Practices, Holacracy, Sociocracy, Design Thinking, Lean-Start-Up and Conflict Resolution Approaches.
  • You will apply powerful systemic theory and practices.
  • … AND: You will be supported by 3 guides to maximize your learning experience!
Act yourself into a new way of thinking rather
than thinking yourself into a new way of acting!

As a leader you will learn that long and unstable roads await you, how much more your company has to do to answer responsibly to current change. In the next:pedition, you will feel it and understand that you do not have to get to a final finish line. You can just start starting – and learn on the way.

Anna Zarudzka, Participant next:pedition (2019/20) 
Serial Founder & Co-CEO BOLDARE

Target Audience

12 – 16 people of different organizations willing to explore the next:land practices of organizing, leadership and new ways of work.

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Curious Managers
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Transformation Leads
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Pioneers & Frontrunners
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Change Makers
Module 1 | BASE:CAMP

Get familiar with the DNA of next:land, establish collaboration as a learning group and set up agile teams to get started.


Exploring my next:leadership potential: Any transformation starts with myself. We look at our personal patterns, leverage the power of ancient wisdom and different levels of knowing beyond intellect; engage in deep dialogues to generate insights and shift patterns in how we relate to ourselves and others.


Designing and leading responsive organizations: Based on real-life case-works apply next:practices and explore how to weave next:leadersip principles into the way we transform organizations.


Harvest the fruits of the visit teams’ work: Self-organized parallel learning journeys across Europe to generate first-hand experience and insights how next:leadership practices manifest in organizations.


Set up your next:leadership journey within your organization: Harvest and apply learnings, create your choreography for transitioning into a new paradigm, celebrate the journey!

Additional learning elements of next:pedition

  • VIRTUAL LEARNING LABS: Half-day virtual workshops dedicated to explore a specific next:practice in more depth. With a mix of inputs and simulations they are designed to support hands-on application of tools and practices to allow for easy transfer into your work context.
  • COMMUNITY MEET-UP: Reconnect with other fellow travellers and build a community that creates a difference


Dates & Details


Modul 1

- | Italy

Virtual Learning Lab 1

Module 2

- | Austria

Virtual Learning Lab 2

Module 3

- | Amsterdam


Virtual Learning Lab 3

Module 4

- | Europe

3 days learning journey & 2 days harvesting

Virtual Learning Lab 4

Module 5

- | Barcelona
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Experience in working in or with organizations for at least 3 years and passion for developing organizations

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English (Groupwork in German possible)

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12 – 16 people of different organizations willing to explore the next:land practices of organizing, leadership, and new ways of work.

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20 days on location + 4 days virtually

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EUR 16.900,– in total (excl. VAT, incl. playbooks and all material). After Module 1 you will have the choice to opt out, if next:pedition doesn‘t fit your needs (costs for Module 1 only: EUR 3.000,–)

EUR 1.950,– for seminar packages (workshop rooms, coffee breaks and lunch on-site).
Excl. Accommodation and travel costs.

We offer 2 discounted seats for NPOs and start-ups, ask us!

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gerhardatdwarfsandgiants [dot] org

“Let’s work with our revolutionary potential and
radically change the future of organization.”

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