Wholeness - at the level of Organization

Leading Audacious Change: Gerald joining the podcast by Marcus Druen in a conversation on leadership, audacity and change.

  • 3. March 2021
    Reading Time 67 Minutes

Let's face it: Psychological safety is an incredibly important factor for high-performing teams. So how do you create this safety and enable everyone to "really show up"? To solve conflicts without (re-)creating pain, but deep connection? How do we build organizations that support people to grow into their full potential? 

Gerald of dG sharing lots of insights about wholeness, our different approaches at dwarfs and Giants and purpose-driven transformation work at Welser Profile in season #2 of "Leading Audacious Change". This podcast for audacious business people is created and hosted by Marcus Druen (next:pedition Alumni), exploring the future of business on five systemic levels: Self, team, organisation, economy & planet.


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