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Do We Need Organizational Development Goals?

Commercial organizations have enormous impact in the sustainability arena. Their footprints, their handprints and their adaptation speed can make or break the path towards desirable futures on planet Earth.

  • 31. July 2023
    Reading Time 8 Minutes

Take climate change and the world’s path to less than 2°C global warming as an example. A recent study by Hamburg’s CLICCS shows how corporations take central stage: Speeding up corporate response to decarbonization and changing consumption patterns could more than balance the effects of physical tipping points such as Amazon dieback or Permafrost thaw. The study states that deep decarbonization is progressing too slowly, and adaptation must be approached from new angles. 

Instead of just reacting,
we need to begin an active transformation
here and now.

CLICCS report, 01.02.2023

Companies can make or break our future. We need active transformation here and now. How will we navigate?

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