The 5 foundational principles of next:land

There is no one-size-fits-all model for 21st century organizations. But we believe there are markers indicating towards the new world of work that can guide you on the journey to next. We consider the following five principles as foundational for a different way to organize. Find out more about these principles and examples on how they could look like in organizations.

We believe in a land, where organizations and people are driven by purpose, authority is distributed, organizations adapt continuously by evolutionary learning, leverage autonomous collaboration, and share information transparently. And moving into next:land means bringing these five fundamental qualities into life.

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For next:land organizations being organized for purpose means creating orientation and alignment by looking inside, when the outer world is highly complex and unpredictable. Clarity on purpose creates a shared higher meaning and attracts customers and talent. What is it that we want to bring into the world? And how do we have to organize ourselves to fulfil this purpose? It is a shift from push to pull. Whereby success and shareholder value become a by- product of fulfilling a shared purpose.

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Distributed Authority

next:land organizations are designed for responsiveness to solve complex business challenges in ever-changing environments. Decision-making processes are built to integrate various perspectives and distribute the authority where the best know-how and decision-making ability reside.

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Evolutionary Learning

next:land organizations are designed to adapt quickly as they go. Sensing into what is needed and responding quickly is baked into all their structures and processes. Rather than striving for the right answers or decisions they are designed to increase the speed of learning instead - and failure is considered as inevitable part of the game.

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Autonomy in Collaboration
Autonomy in Collaboration

next:land organizations leverage the uniqueness and diverse talents and potentials of people. Rather than creating dependency via personal power holding people interact as independent actors with independent actors on eye-level, collaborating with high autonomy and self-responsibility. Clear roles and authorities allow for ownership and entrepreneurial spirit while contributing to something bigger than oneself.

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next:land organizations create high transparency environments so that everyone can trust that we are all moving to outcomes that we really care about. This allows individuals to better contribute to express the organization’s purpose. Via transparency next:land organizations foster faster information flow and create the base for eye-to-eye level collaboration where knowledge is no longer resulting in individual power. Increasing levels of trust are the result.

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Benefits from shifting into next:land (c) dwarfs and Giants, 2017 (Chart included in the PDF-Download below)

Now, let’s explore a bit further... what does it mean to step into next? How do the principles show up in real business life? Are there different ways of living the principles?

Standing on the shoulders of a co-creation session collecting practice examples in the Agile Hub – credits to: Sascha Bernardis, Mónica Expositor Blasco, Stefan Faatz-Ferstl, Steffen Frischat, Gerhard Hochreiter, Gregor Karlinger, Matthias Lang, Gerald Mitterer, Björn Rabethge, Valerie Schneglberger-Lenglachner, Tom Strasser-Neuhofer, Roland Wolfig. 

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