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Matthias Lang

evolutionary catalyst

Matthias is @Evolutionary Catalyst with a focus on self-organization & business agility. He has been co-creating processes of change for more than 15 years – from the perspective of external consulting but also as an internal organizational developer at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Being a psychologist, systemic theorist and expert in group-dynamics, he always views change as a socio-economic phenomenon as well

As a founding member of dwarfs and Giants in 2015, Matthias is deeply grateful for all those people who are rethinking and reshaping organizations there. His favorite hoodie carries the inscription “In iteration we trust” – an expression of his enthusiasm for the evolutionary advancement of organizational systems. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors with his family – completely offline!

What is the main focus of your work at dwarfs and Giants?

  • Business agility & self-organization on all levels of the organization 
  • Supporting organizations in making transformation and thus responsiveness a core competence 
  • Entrepreneurial contributions to the fight against climate change

What have been your most important learning experiences?

I have always been surprised to realize how clearly you see something when you suddenly don’t have it anymore. For example, when I moved abroad, when I lost a loved one, or when an employment relationship ended. Experiencing things like that, I have grown accustomed to pausing and questioning in order to better appreciate gifts and discover unhealthy developments earlier.

Do you have a favorite ritual or habit that enriches your daily life?

Reading to our children from a book in the evening is a gift on so many levels – it warms you, it nourishes you, it calms you down, it connects. 

The purpose of dG is about “wholesome organizations.” What does wholesomeness mean to you?

Wholesome means “good for health.” Health, of course, has many facets. For all of us and for me personally – as a resident of one of the richest countries on earth – the most important task is to save the planet from climate catastrophe and the collapse of biodiversity. Now! 

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