next:pedition Discovery Session

The 4th edition of our learning lab next:pedition will start in June 2024. We aim to bring another colourful travel group of pionieering people from all over Europe together. Find out more in this info webinar!

Our next:pedition is an intensive hands-on learning experience on how to create a fundamental shift in the way we work, lead and organize. It’s a co-creation lab under the conditions of volatility, ambiguity and uncertainty. You are curious to learn more and want to get a better understanding if next:pedition could be the right thing for you to do? Well, here is your chance!

The Discovery Sessions will:

  • give you an experiential taste of next:land and our next:pedition lab
  • answer any of your questions regarding our programme
  • introduce you to other potential fellow travellers of the next:pedition


Dates & Details


Discovery Session

| virtual

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Register for the next Discovery Session via:
events [at] (events[at]dwarfsandgiants[dot]org)

Curious to find out more?
@People Entry Point
Dr. Gerhard Hochreiter

gerhardatdwarfsandgiants [dot] org

“Let’s work with our revolutionary potential and
radically change the future of organization.”

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