The map of next:land

A continent for new ways of working, living and organizing

In early 2016 – shortly after founding dwarfs and Giants – we sketched a map of the next:land of organizing. This map was published in the German Harvard Business Manager Special Edition (1/2016) and HBM Agile Management Edition (04/2017). We outlined a new continent for responsive, self-organizing, purpose-driven organizations and it created amazing conversations with clients about different ways of working, living and organizing. We thought it would be a good idea to spread the concept to promote more discussions and inspiration, and translate it into English.

next:land is a place where you can discover what organizations have already done to be more responsive and agile. In the Plains of Self-Organization, the Highlands of Agility, the Purpose River, Holacra-City, the Start-Up Jungle or on the Pathway Beyond Budgeting, but to name a few. Here is an introduction to some of the regions. It is a start. An entry point for conversations; open for your stories on your way into the next:land of organizing. Tell us about your journey! Which places have you visited? Where do you want to go? Send us interesting thoughts, ideas, practices and questions:

Explore our next:land map below, read more about it in our blogpost about the next:land of organizing (zooming into the different continents), order a printed version in our webshop or check out the interactive German version here 🙂

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