As the world has become increasingly volatile, complex and uncertain, traditional ways of working and organizing are not helpful any more.

Crafting the journey towards next:land

All of our work share the same basic goal: to cocreate organizations that are more responsive and meaningful. And unleash potential for everyone involved.
The is what we mean with “Rewriting the Future of Organization”.

How do we do that?
We co-create with different teams the context, the inspiration, the momentum and an agile path to a new way of working and organizing.
Based on a systemic transformation practice. By design.

In early 2016 we sketched a map of the next:land of organizing, published in the German Harvard Business Manager Special Edition (1/2016). We outlined a new continent for responsive, self-organizing, purpose-driven organizations.

Next:land is a place where you can discover what organizations have already done to be more responsive and agile. In the Plains of Self-Organization, the Highlands of Agility, the Purpose River, Holacra-City, the Start-Up Jungle or on the Pathway Beyond Budgeting, but to name a few.


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