Every conflict is an invitation to get to know yourself better and to deepen the connection to the other.

We! dwarfs and Giants

Jones Kortz, evolutionary catalyst & CTA facilitator

Jones Kortz

Evolutionary Catalyst & CTA Facilitator

Education and Training:
Study of Philosophy at WWU Münster
Trainer for Nonviolent Communication
NVC-Coach, Innovations-Coaching, Mediator
Certif. Consultant in „Economy of the Common Good“

Work Experience:
20 years of experience in training and coaching
Founding of the consultancy „Konfliktspezialisten“
Conception and conducting of the training-program: „Trainer for creative conflict resolution“
University lecturer at ZWW-Augsburg for „Innovationscoaching“
Consulting of several corporations and medium scale enterprises, building up a culture of trust, openness and mindful communication

Main areas of Work:
Business Mediation (Helping to resolve conflicts at the workplace)
Trainings in Nonviolent Communication and Conflict-Resolution
Executive Coaching
Implementing agile und Purpose-driven organisational designs
Supporting the building of a culture for effective communication that connects individuals, teams and organisations

German, English


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