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Johannes Ruppacher

internal catalyst

Joey has been interested in building reliable structures at different organizations since he was a teenager. Whether as a managing director of a developmental NGO or a self-employed business consultant: It is important to him that people in organizations can develop their potential. As a trained lawyer and social scientist, he combines enthusiasm for sophisticated organizational solutions with a passion for processes of change.

What is the main focus of your work at dwarfs and Giants?

  • Suitable legal forms for self-organization
  • Legal compliance and distributed authority
  • Strategy work and organizational development in self-organization 

What was a highlight of your work for dwarfs and Giants? 

The seemingly untamable flood of good ideas for new projects and the progression of the organization often resulted in initiatives being in process for an extremely long time, leaving many of us overworked. We therefore started to combine Kanban principles with Holacracy and streamlined it in one process. What came out is the "Focus Process" that helps us, as an overall organization, to prioritize, and leave tempting ideas undone until the projects we have started are completed (find out more in this blogpost: "Death by too many great ideas.")

Is there a quote that particularly inspires you?

Contradictions are our hope.

Bert Brecht

In complex situations where we struggle for clarity, I like to remember that the contradictoriness and ambiguity of our world today contain the creative spaces that will shape the world of tomorrow.

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