Most of what guides our decisions stems from learnings in the past and these are rarely questioned or revisited. What was healthy at some point in time and in one context might be unhealthy in another. I am passionate about challenging these self-made limitations and building organizations that allow people to live up to their highest potential. I truly believe that every development – organizational or individual – starts with creating clarity about purpose and surfacing patterns that constrain the manifestation of this purpose in reality.

We! dwarfs and Giants

Gerald Mitterer, evolutionary catalyst


Doctoral degree in entrepreneurship from the Vienna University of Economics, Master’s degree in Business Consultancy and Organizational Development

Special skills:
Clarity in thoughts and words

Current: Member of the Extended Board (responsible for Corporate Culture Development) at Welser Profile (Austrian SME, 2500 employees, global technology leader in roll forming)
Previous: 8 years consultant at Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg leading large-scale transformation and development projects in European SMEs and corporations.
University research and teaching assistant focused on the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and systemic corporate development
Self-employed trainer and coach focused on improving performance by freeing athletes, sales teams and executives from self-made mental limitations.
Assistant to COO at NPO. Established internal structures and processes.


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