It’s possible to use the benefits of hierarchy, consensus democracy and anarchy without inheriting their downsides. Let us show you how.

We! dwarfs and Giants

Georg Tarne, evolutionary catalyst

Georg Tarne

Evolutionary Catalyst

Work Experience:
10 years experience as a coach, mediator & trainer for nonviolent communication

Built the social startup soulbottles from scratch to 50 employees, while implementing Holacracy and Nonviolent Communication as core components of the culture – handing my shares over to the team in 2019 after implementing a for-purpose legal structure.

Special Skills:
Deep empathic listening
Helping people work through their red buttons
Integrating the vulnerable human side of work with the clear and structured Holacracy side for a fully flourishing, balanced organization
Consulting from entrepreneurial experience
Finding humor and lightness in every situation

Main areas of work:
Implementing the „Clear the Air“-Approach in organizations – building conflict resolution & empathy systems
Intro and Facilitation Workshops for “Clear the Air” (find out more about upcoming CTA trainings here)
Holacracy implementations
Coaching founders & CEOs through their personal journey into new ways of working
Supporting organizations in becoming more purpose-driven and agile
Mediating difficult conversations
Developing scalable products around dG expertise
Public Speaking

Contact: | LinkedIn | Xing

dwarfs and Giants runs on Holacracy – see my roles in Glassfrog

Photo: Maria Noisternig

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