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Our next:letter Archive #1 – #20

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next:letter #20 – Stop being nice and polite

next:letter #19 – How to co-create a vision with 19 dwarfs

next:letter #18 – The power of doing nothing at all

next:letter #17 – There is no one-size-fits-all model for 21st century organizations.

next:letter #16 – What is it that creates meaning for you?

next:letter #15 – To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.

next:letter #14 – A world without work?

next:letter #13 – Why your tensions are organizational gold!

next:letter #12 – Bye 2017, hello 2018: Enter the world of imperfect

next:letter #11 – Say Hi to our brand-new harbour space!

next:letter #10 – Keep calm and mention your tension

next:letter #9 – How to create a wholesome space for people to reach their highest potential

next:letter #8 – Rewriting the future of organization

next:letter #7 – Design Thinking Valley

next:letter #6 – It’s all about purpose

next:letter #5 – Innovation Cultures

next:letter #4 – Reflecting the last – expecting the next:year, also: Strategizing!

next:letter #3 – All about Agile

next:letter #2 – Welcome to HolacraCity

next:letter #1 – Mail from the next:land of organizing

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