Shaping next:land
(De-)constructing leadership

Join us on June 14 at Welser Profile in Gresten (Austria) for a day of exploration among top leaders to unpack the future of leadership: (De-)constructing leadership for an uncertain world.

Organizations are ever more called to find new answers for the challenges of a fast-moving, disruptive world. We are all becoming witnesses of a workplace revolution that fundamentally questions how organizations work. A new paradigm of leadership is on the rise. But is it really? Join us on a day of exploration among top leaders to unpack the future of leadership. Our joint quest will dig into the following questions: 

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What are the challenges leadership is facing?
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What do we need to unlearn?
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What needs to shift and how?

Listen to inspirational stories from other leaders in various industries, share your own experiences and jointly explore the essence of what next:leadership is about.

What can you expect? 

The day will be an inspiring mix of evocative stories from leaders on this journey to next:land and space for exchange and exploration among peers. 

This conference is designed for managers & leaders who want to shape the future of leadership in their organizations.

Who are the speakers?

Talking about next:leadership is one thing. Walking the talk and immersing yourself into the experience of shaping an organizations’ journey into new ways of working and organizing another. We invited pioneers who have been on this path for quite a while now to share what this journey taught themselves about leadership. All of them truly believe that there is a change needed in the way organizations work and will share why they do so:

Thomas Welser, Anna Zarudzka & Piotr Majchrzak, Vivek Menon, Gerhard Luftensteiner

Thomas Welser, CEO Welser Profile

Thomas Welser is the current CEO of Welser Profile, and a family member of the 11th generation. When he took on the role as CEO, he was faced with the question how to set up the organization in order to continue its success journey for generations to come. He is currently driving the transformation of Welser Profile into a purpose-oriented and adaptive organization with a new understanding of leadership. On this journey he is moving into self-organization and questioning the role of leadership including his own. He will provide insights into this transformation journey of Welser Profile and talk about the challenges and learnings on the way.

Anna Zarudzka & Piotr Majchrzak, Co-CEOs, BOLDARE

Anna Zarudzka and Piotr Majchrzak are co-CEO’s of Boldare, an Agile and Lean Startup-powered product design and development company. Anna Zarudzka is an acknowledged speaker and an ambassador of New Work, Self-Management and so called "Next Generation" Organizations, driven by purpose not stakeholders and empowering employees to make decisions and impact company direction. Piotr Majchrzak is an entrepreneur with a software development background, with numerous companies in his business portfolio

While Piotr, a thoughtful rebel, looks after vision, constantly pushing towards new cutting-edge technologies and management practices, Anna is a spirited perfectionist, looking after processes and high service standards. Together they question the status quo in their industry and surround themselves with equally disruptive people.

Vivek Menon, Sales Leader, Danfoss Power Solutions

“Employee and customer satisfaction is the Why of self-managed organizations, changing the structures, processes and mindsets is the how.”

Vivek Menon is the former leader of the eSteering unit at Danfoss Power Solutions. Leading the high growth eSteering businesss, he will share about leadership lessons from transforming a traditional R&D team into a self-managed business unit. The challenges and rewards of working without managers and self-managed teams will be building blocks of his story.

Gerhard Luftensteiner, Co-Owner and CEO KEBA

As Co-Owner and CEO of KEBA, a producer of automation solutions for a wide range of industries with 2000 employees, Gerhard Luftensteiner was one of the pioneers leading his organization into a new paradigm of organizing. He will share about his personal WHY of walking this path and what he learned on the way towards next:land

"Shaping next:land"
hosted by dG in collaboration with Welser Profile

The family-owned company Welser Profile has a history of more than 350 years and is a global player and technology leader in individual profile solutions made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Welser Profile manufactures customized solutions for virtually all industries with production sites in Austria, Germany, and USA and worldwide sales offices.

Welser Profile is undergoing a major cultural change. Starting from the rediscovery of the purpose of the organization, Welser is gradually reshaping the entire organization - with the clear vision of becoming an adaptive organization that will remain successful in a highly dynamic environment over the next generations. 

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Hosts & Staff

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June 14, 2022

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Begegnungszentrum Welser Profile 
3264 Gresten, Welser Platz 1

Shuttle service from Amstetten (railway station) can be organized - contact us if you need travel assistance!

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Participation fee incl. coffee breaks and lunch: EUR 490,- net

The event is aimed at covering all occurring costs. Any remaining profits will be donated to support people in need in the Ukraine. We are happy to support one of our clients Caritas Austria in their great efforts in this crisis.

Got curious?

If you have questions about the event, please contact Dr. Gerald Mitterer if you want to find out if this could be for you:

g [dot] mittereratdwarfsandgiants [dot] org

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