Sascha Bernardis, dwarfs and Giants

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Sascha Bernardis

evolutionary catalyst

Sascha enjoys working on the topics of purpose-driven organizations and self-organization. His focus at his transformational work as an @Evolutionary Catalyst is on two aspects: Strengthening radical ownership as a human being, and connecting with others in the organization under a common purpose. All his professional life, Sascha has been devoting himself to this field of tension of constant learning and joint development. As a founding member and “dwarf” of the first hour, these issues had already excited him before he became a systemic consultant when he was still employed as a social worker and managing director of a social-profit organization.

What is the main focus of your work at dwarfs and Giants?

  • Transformations to purpose-driven organizations
  • Developing and adopting agile organizational designs 
  • Implementing Holacracy
  • Top management coaching
  • Filling many internal roles at dG, such as @Mentoring calibration, @Membership steward and @Harbor contractor in order to contribute to a solid framework of our organization

What have been your most important learning experiences? 

I have had the most important learning experience in recent years at the Council Guide Training. There, I was lucky to feel the power that arises in learning and experiencing radical ownership while entering into a strong connectedness with your “tribe” at the same time. And it is a path that has not ended yet – a path that still holds many adventures, which I am very much looking forward to. In this respect, it is really exciting to see how this curiosity can also be integrated in transformation processes.

Do you have a favorite ritual or habit?

My favorite ritual is my morning practice when I connect with myself, nature and my inner balance, remove obstacles and state my intentions for the upcoming day. 

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