Meeting Culture

PO3 Canvas (English)

A practical canvas for small or big meetings to create clarity, orientation and a common understanding among all participants about the project.

The abbreviation PO3 stands for "Purpose, Objectives, Outputs, Outcomes". The purpose answers the question: How does the successful action affect the organization? It should be related to the topic and contain the "what" and "why", e.g. get many perspectives, involve people, etc. The objectives describe what should be achieved in the planned time in order to fulfill the purpose. Outputs are physically tangible or can be saved virtually to achieve the stated goals in the planned time. Outcomes are not physically tangible, but noticeable effects that arise from what has been worked out - e.g. better knowledge of the other perspective, motivation for the project, commitment to decisions, etc.

Standing on the shoulders of nowhere / Nic Turner.


What is the ultimate reason of this intervention? What does it “pay into”?


What sequence of objectives do we need to meet in order to fulfill the purpose?


What are tangible results that we want to create? 

“You can take it along or save it on a disk.”


What intangible outcomes do we want to achieve? How will we be different because of the intervention?

“Happens in minds, hearts, in the group.”