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Find out more about Self-Organization, Holacracy, Agility & more in our upcoming events! For registration or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with events@dwarfsandgiants.org


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Webinar: The DNA of next:land

There is no one-size-fits-all model for 21st century organizations. But we see markers indicating towards the new world of work that can guide you on the journey to next: The five principles of next:land. We consider these principles as foundational for a different way to organize:

How do these principles show up in real business life?
Are there different ways of living the principles?
What does it mean for my organization to step into next:land?

Find out more about these principles and real-life examples in a 1,5hr webinar with our evolutionary catalysts Gerald Mitterer, Matthias Lang and Gerhard Hochreiter of dwarfs and Giants!

dG Webinar: “The DNA of next:land”
Monday, July 9, 2018
6 – 7:30pm (CEST)
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Register for this free session via events@dwarfsandgiants.org!

HOLACRACY® Einführungsworkshops

Diese eintägigen Workshops in deutscher Sprache stellen grundlegende Funktionsweisen von HOLACRACY® vor und vermitteln einen ersten „Geschmack” der tatsächlichen Praxis. Diese Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen sollen bei Überlegungen helfen, ob HOLACRACY® für Ihre Organisation interessant sein kann. Für ausgewählte Termine sind auch Gruppenermäßigungen möglich!

Nächster Termin:

Ort & Datum: Wien, 8. November 2018
Sprache: Deutsch
Preis: ab EUR 130,– pro Ticket zzgl. MwSt.

Details & Tickets auf unserer Event-Seite!

HOLACRACY® Practitioner Training

In diesem Training werden Sie die Spielregeln von HOLACRACY® lernen und diese in einer Unternehmenssimulation anwenden, Meetings facilitieren und Ihre Organisation durch das Prozessieren Ihrer Spannungen weiterentwickeln sowie konkretes und individuelles Coaching und Feedback von HOLACRACY®-ExpertInnen und anderen TeilnehmerInnen erhalten.

Wir bieten die einzigen deutschsprachigen HOLACRACY® Practitioner Trainings als lizensierter HOLACRACY® Provider an.

Termine 2018:
Ort & Datum: 26. bis 29. Juni, Zürich – Schweiz
Sprache: Deutsch
Preis: ab EUR 3.440,– pro Ticket

Termine 2019:
Werden demnächst bekannt gegeben!

Alle Details & Tickets finden Sie auf unserer Event-Seite!

Systemic Transformation Theory

This public prep:camp for our upcoming learning lab next:pedition will be hosted in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Rupert Hasenzagl and tackle systemic theory, using the systemic loop, asking questions and working with systemic hypothesis.

Using cases from your company and your experience in practice, theoretical assumptions like constructivism and social systems theory according to Luhmann are used to form hypotheses and discuss the arising questions. The outcomes of the seminar are a sound understanding of the systems theoretical basis as well as experiences in using this theoretical model to solve problems as manager e.g. in Change Management, Leadership etc.


November 2018 or January 2019 – will be announced soon!


Online Preperation: ~ 1 hr
Training: 3 full days
Online Reflexion: ~ 3 hrs


dwarfs and Giants Office
Bräunerstrasse 11/3
1010 Vienna


EUR 2.190,– incl. Online Sessions, Training, Materials and Catering

For more details & registration, please get in touch with events@dwarfsandgiants.org!

Agile Working Methods

This public prep:camp for our upcoming learning lab next:pedition will be hosted by our agile coaches Gregor Karlinger and Björn Rabethge. The focus of this 2-day training is:

  • Motivation: In which contexts can agility be used?
  • Agile values: What are the basic and common values of agile methods?
  • Agile principles: Which principles and basic assumptions are behind agility?
  • Overview of agile methods like Scrum and Kanban: Getting to know the processes, meetings, roles and artifacts
  • Intensive reflection of agile values and principles by associating with your own work contexts



February 27-28, 2019
Wednesday 10:30am – 6:30pm
Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm


dwarfs and Giants Office
Bräunerstrasse 11/3
1010 Vienna

German or English (depending on the participants)

EUR 1.490,– incl. Training, Materials and Catering

For more details & registration, please get in touch with events@dwarfsandgiants.org!

Group Dynamics

This public prep:camp for our upcoming learning lab next:pedition will be hosted by ifag®. The trainings (Monday – Saturday) take place in December 2019: Find out more & register on their website!

Language: German

next:pedition Learning Lab 2019

Our next:pedition is an intensive hands-on learning experience on how to create a fundamental shift in the way we work, lead and organize. Together with you we set up and co-create a lab under the conditions of volatility, ambiguity and uncertainty. The 2nd edition of this learning experience will start in January 2019!

  • Module 1 base:camp: April 1-4 @ Vienna
  • Module 2 | next:culture: July 1-4 @ Location to be confirmed
  • Module 3 | next:transformation: September 16-19 @ Amsterdam
  • Module 4 | next:visits: November 18-21 @ Berlin (Learning Journey is self-organized)
  • Module 5 | start by starting: January 27-30 @ Barcelona
  • Meet Up: March 24-25 @ Vienna


Language: English

Find out more on our event page or check out this blogposts by participant Marcus Druen!

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