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The next:pedition by is an innovative learning program to help you create a fundamental shift in the way we work, lead and design organizations in the future. This hands-on learning lab is designed to steer your organization from now:land to next:land. The 2nd edition of the learning lab is starting in January 2019!

You want to find out more about next:land, organizations of the future or the learning program? Join our upcoming Discovery Sessions!

Webinar “The DNA of next:land” | September 6, 2018: 6:00 – 7:30 pm (18:00 – 19:30h)

There is no one-size-fits-all model for 21st century organizations. But we see markers indicating towards the new world of work that can guide you on the journey to next: The five principles of next:land. We consider these principles as foundational for a different way to organize. Find out more about these principles and real-life examples in a 1,5hr webinar with our evolutionary catalysts Gerald Mitterer & Matthias Lang of dwarfs and Giants!

Discovery Session in Vienna | September 25, 2018: 02:00 – 06:00 pm (14:00 – 18:00h)

… explore the principles of next:land in real life and discover their transformative power!

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If you’re not available during this dates or you want to talk personally, our next:pedition Guide Dr. Gerhard Hochreiter is happy to answer your questions! Get in touch with Gerhard at 0043/699/136 88081 or

Download the info folder with all facts for the next:pedition 2019 here! (PDF)

Why do we need this fundamental shift of organizing?

Today’s organizations as we know them are formed by the needs of the industrial revolution. Therefore, hierarchies of people and power respond to questions from the past: This is what we call “now:land”. But digitalization, big data, complexity and speed and their implication on organizations force us to fundamentally think and act differently to succeed in this new environment. The next:pedition is designed to enable organizations to respond to the global forces that radically change the way we work and live: To help you and your organization enter “next:land”.

5 reasons for you to join next:pedition!

1. You will learn how to lead your own organizational transformation towards agility, a culture of innovation and new ways of organizing.
2. You will be equipped with a new mindset as well as capabilities and tools needed to respond to a world of dynamic and complexity.
3. You will build courage and confidence in guiding your organization
4. You will work with a powerful systemic transformation approach integrated with agile and self-management tools.
5. You will learn from, explore and practice with other pioneers from other companies in a hands-on lab environment.


How will you learn all this?

By doing! 🙂 During the course of this program, you will get many chances to prototype, fail, reflect and learn. Also, you will be experimenting with a handpicked selection of approaches and tools such as Agile Working Practices, Scrum, Holacracy, Design Thinking and Lean-Start-Up integrated with systemic thinking and theories.

Who can join the journey?

18-24 next:pedition members from different organizations (min. 3 years of working experience) willing to explore new ways of working in the 21st century:

  • Transformational Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Changemakers
  • HR Managers
  • Internal & External Organizational Consultants

… and any others that feel the urge to enter next:land!


How much is the journey?

The tuition fee for all modules amounts in EUR 16.900,– per participant for 20-25 training days across Europe. This fee also includes 1 PREP:CAMP (on Systemic Transformation Theory, Agile Working Methods or Group Dynamics – find out more on our training site), 1 meet-up after the program, handouts and learning materials. Additionally, the seminar package incl. workshop venue and coffee breaks is EUR 1.500,– per participant. Your travel expenses, hotel accommodation (overnight stays) and the travel expenses for the Learning Journey (Module 4) are not covered by the tuition fee.

We offer 2 discounted seats for start up companies and/or NGOs.

What’s the timing?

next:pedition 2017/18 (1st edition)

November 2017 – December 2018: Find out more in this blog by participant Marcus!

next:pedition 2019 (2nd edition)


Select one of three preparatory workshops, according to your background and expertise, to build the ground for your expedition! All workshops are open for the public, one PREP:CAMP is included for each participant of the next:pedition. Details & Registration on our Event Page and via!

  • Systemic Transformation Theory
  • Agile Working Methods
  • Group Dynamics


  • Module 1 base:camp: April 1-4 @ Vienna
  • Module 2 | next:culture: July 1-4 @ Location to be confirmed
  • Module 3 | next:transformation: September 16-19 @ Amsterdam
  • Module 4 | next:visits: November 18-21 @ Berlin (Learning Journey is self-organized)
  • Module 5 | start by starting: January 27-30 @ Barcelona
  • Meet Up: March 24-25 @ Vienna


How can I join next:pedition?

It’s quite simple: Call or email our next:pedition guide Gerhard – and he will get back to you asap!

nextpedition_gerhard_hochreiter_kontaktbildyour next:pedition contact point
Dr. Gerhard Hochreiter
evolutionary catalyst at dwarfs and Giants
0043/699/136 88081


“Let’s work with our revolutionary potential and radically change the future of organization.”

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