How can we guide ourselves and our teams through change? - Evocative Leadership in everyone

nMaps is a unique framework for creating containers and holding spaces in which leaders, teams and cultures can powerfully step into the unknown and let new emerge.

Organizations as we know them – formed by needs of the industrial revolution, hierarchies of people and power – are the answer to questions from the past. We now live in a world that is defined by exponential change and inescapable uncertainty. Current and future organizations and their leaders need to find answers in a world facing new challenges.

Three hypothesis that guide us:

  • Transformational leadership emerges from an energetic frequency, not a process.
  • The way we think, relate, learn and organise either moves us towards this energetic frequency or away from it.
  • The leadership challenge of our time is to tune the energetic frequency at which our teams and organisations operate, by design.



What is nMaps and how does it support quantum leaping leadership, teams and organizations?

nMaps is a unique, cutting-edge framework, practice and tool that reveals the hidden code for how teams and leaders can become greater than the sum of their parts. Evocative Leaders, creative teams and innovative cultures operate at a higher, co-crative frequency. They create and shape futures we all want to move towards. They disturb the present in order to allow the new to emerge. And they tap into a wider collective intelligence, whereby our mental, social and creative skills all become amplified.

nMaps help us see the unconscious patterns of thought and action that either take us into, or out of, co-creative relationship with each other.

The maps are based around a ‘wheel’, that consists of eight ‘Allies’ that open co-creative space within ourselves and with others, and eight ‘Distortions’ that close that space down.

The challenge is to develop our Allies and interrupt our Distortions. When we learn to stand at the centre of the wheel, we are able to call forward our Allies at will and with skill. nMaps transform our capability to experience peak performance and collective flow more often and for more extended periods of time.

How does it work?

The nMaps tool is an innovative online questionnaire that gathers feedback on how our Allies and Distortions are shaping our day-to-day habits and experience. The report provides a profile which generates clues and insights into:

  • Your strongest and weakest Allied energies
  • Your strongest and weakest Distorted energies
  • How you, as a team, leader or culture, can expand your Allies and diminish your Distortions
  • Where you stand in this moment in time, with regard to the ego-development stages of your team, your leadership and your culture


After collecting feedback through the online tool, we sit together and create sense and meaning of the results. Stepping into a coaching process, you explore your areas of openness and areas of resistance in order to develop the inner capacity to shift the energy in the areas most important to you. This involves a shift in your patterns – both in doing and being.

The challenge is to take command by standing at the centre of our Leadership, Team, Relational or Cultural Wheels, and to be able to call forward each of our Allies at will, with skill, and to full effect.

Reach out!

If you are interested to hear more about nMaps and the process for you as a leader, for your teams or for your organization, let’s get in touch with our @Evolutionary Catalyst Monika Kletzmayr!

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