Your presence is the most precious gift you can give another person. (Marshall B. Rosenberg)

We! dwarfs and Giants

Nayoma de Haen, evolutionary catalyst & CTA facilitator

Nayoma de Haen

Evolutionary Catalyst & CTA Facilitator

Education & Training:
Dipl.Ing. Landscape Architecture TU Berlin
Systemic Coaching, Mediation,
Trainer for Nonviolent Communication (certified by CNVC, registered at Fachverband Gewaltfreie Kommunikation), trained in organizational development, systemic consensing, consent facilitation, Dynamic Facilitation, Design Thinking, Holacray.
Mindfulness practitioner

Work Experience:
20 years of experience in training und coaching, since 10 years with the main focus on Nonviolent Communication and conflict resolution in Europe, Ukraine and the US.

Main areas of Work:
Workshops and programs in Nonviolent Communication and conflict resolution
Facilitation of culture transformation processes
Facilitation of conflict resolution and decision making processes in teams

German, English


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