Consulting – an expedition into the unknown,
aimed at support­­ing customers to cope with the unexpected,
to explore new territory, to re-discover the seemingly familiar,
& to combine all elements in new ways for the benefit
of the people involved & for the organization as a whole.

We! dwarfs and Giants

Joachim Schwendenwein, evolutionary catalyst


Master’s degree in Sociology & Group Dynamics (Vienna), PhD in Organization Consulting (Kassel), Specific Qualifications in Systemic Consulting, Organizational Constellations, Large Group Interventions, Clear Leadership, Innovation et al

20+ years in consulting Projects and & Leadership Development Programs on the main 4 * continents in all sectors
*Africa, The Americas, APAC, Europe

Working areas:
International organizational transformation (Organizational Redesign, PMI, Culture Shift, Product & Business Model Innovation,…), involving Executive Coaching & Team Sparring, Strategic Expeditions, Large Group Interventions,…
Experiential Leadership development, Group & Organization Dynamics


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