We are curious, we have questions and we feel free to explore. We bring our talent, our intuition, know-how and our wisdom into the game. We use ancient wisdom to answer new business questions. How to steer your company dynamically like a tribe?

Matti Straub-Fischer

Steer your company like a tribe!

About Matti Straub-Fischer
Matti is Headmaster of Kaospilots Switzerland, one of the most innovative and creative business schools in the world – and one of d&G´s partners. In this interview Matti talks about creating possibilities and the surprising new ways of leading a whole business school like a native tribe. Ancient knowledge meets modern business!

Matti is the founder of Kaospilots Bern, works with changels GmbH and is a helicopter pilot.
Matti studied leadership and organization development with the KaosPilots in Denmark and speaks German, English, French, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

About KAOSPILOTS Switzerland
KaosPilots Switzerland is a creative business school with its base in Bern, Switzerland and in Aarhus, Denmark. The Kaospilot Business School strives to be the best business school for the world by creating a framework where young creative minds become creative leaders.

Kaospilots wants to foster and promote potential and ideas pertaining to growth, meaning and sustainability for the benefit of people, communities, organizations and societies. The Kaospilot is driven by a vision of developing a global educational, cultural and entrepreneurial network focusing on creativity, value based leadership and massive social value creation.

Their ambition is to create the next generation of institutions and communities, where change makers, creative entrepreneurs and value-based leaders are fostered.

Ancient knowledge for a next:business
In search of the best possible training to foster self-responsible leadership, Matti contacted WhiteEagle, Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings from New Mexico. Focused on making decisions like a tribe and moving like a flock, Matti asked, White Eagle whether she was willing to integrate her two year Council Guide training into the new curriculum of the KaosPilots in Switzerland. She immediately agreed. She saw how important a group of people like the KaosPilots would be in supporting change processes and setting people free as guides and entrepreneurs.

Find out more about kaospilots: http://www.kaospilots.ch/kaospilots.html

Steer your company like a tribe, start with purpose - Matti Straub

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