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next:practices – Buurtzorg is doing Teal

next:practices – Buutzorg is doing Teal
Buutzorg is a sample organization in Lalouxs book “Reinventing Organization”.
Buurtzorg Nederland was founded in 2006 by Jos de Blok and a small team of professional nurses who were dissatisfied with the delivery of health care by traditional home care organizations in the Netherlands. Together they decided to create a new model of patient-centered care focused on facilitating and maintaining independence and autonomy for the individual for as long as possible.

About Jos de Blok
Named the most influential health care director in Holland in 2011, Jos de Blok has transformed home-based health care in Holland by focusing on what nurses should do, not how nurses should do it. He developed many next:practices to do so. Jos has a long history in community nursing, both delivering care and in management positions. From 2000 to 2003 he played an active role in the National Association of District Nurses (LVW), spearheading a movement by community health nurses to take responsibility for their own professional development and to create a clearer vision for the role of nurses in primary care.

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