Really what we’re trying to do @Zappos is to turn each employee into a mini entrepreneur who has the ability to sense ideas and do something about it.

John Bunch

Redefining Management

John Bunch is Implementation Lead Holacracy at ZAPPOS and Consultant with Thoughtful Org Partners. We have talked to him @Las Vegas, USA July 2015

About John Bunch
John was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL. He received an M.S. in Computer Science from UNLV. After teaching high school math and playing professional poker John joined in 2009 as a Software Developer. He moved into the role of Technical Advisor to Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. John is currently leading the Holacracy implementation efforts at Zappos which look to transform traditional hierarchies and conventional management practices toward self-organization, empowerment, and innovation. John is also a consultant with Thoughtful Org Partners (together with Alexis Gonzales-Brown.)

Zappos redefines management and its leadership – a journey into the unknown
“We don’t have to put someone on hold and ask permission,” says a former customer service agent, who is now a tour guide at the company. “We don’t have a manager that you need to be transferred to. How refreshing is that?”

Such is life at Zappos, which has adopted a system of self-governance that effectively has eliminated all old-style management. CEO Tony Hsieh — an entrepreneur known for his fresh opinions on management — sent an all-staff email explaining how the entire company (with 1700 employees) was embracing a new practice known as “holacracy.”

“This system that we’re moving to, holacracy, does have complicated rules and complicated procedures,” John Bunch said. “It has been kind of a big shift and journey for us as a company – but it is worth it. We are about to create a new management paradigm which will shift the whole company towards self-organizing and a culture of innovation.“

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