And now it´s time for something completely different.
(Monty Python´s Flying Circus)

We! dwarfs & Giants

Johannes Wiek, brand movement


Fortunate to have studied in some of the most inspiring environments. Conducted research and consulted with brilliant business and economics professors at Witten/Herdecke University and Stockholm University.. I spent years thinking and writing at brandeins Business Magazine. Met exceptional people at Harvard Business Manager, McKinsey Wissen, Think:Act and lots of other magazines. Worked with students. Wrote lead articles, papers and books. Created new magazines and publications. Brought eminent thinkers and practitioners together for research and projects. Worked with the conventional management-“heroes“ of international consultancies, enterprises and foundations on strategy development, branding and new ways of communication. Meeting dwarfs and Giants!

Special skills:
… Asking questions, thinking out of the box, having ideas, finding words, telling stories, organizing communication, reaching the heart and mind of people.

Journalism. Strategy development and communication consulting on CEO-level for global consultancies, foundations and enterprises.


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