Most companies are living within their comfort zone and within their autopilote mode – doing more of the same. An entrepreneurial mind is always looking for new opportunities and is open to step into the uknown. I am really passionate about unleashing the creative and entrepreneurial potentials of people and organizations. I truly believe that every development starts with the question „What is my purpose? What do you want to bring into the world?

We! dwarfs & Giants

Dr. Gerhard Hochreiter, evolutionary catalyst

Gerhard Hochreiter_front

Doctoral degree in organizational transformation from the Vienna University (Group dynamics / Philosophy), Master’s degree in Sociology and Marketing

Special skills:
Good storyteller and co-creating entrepreneurial spirit

16 years business consultant; 6 years as managing partner at Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg, leading large-scale transformation and innovation projects in European SMEs and global corporations.


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