Organizations are the most powerful forces for change on the planet – yet they are held back by outdated operating models. There is a better way.

Brian Robertson

A deep-dive into Holacracy® – with Brian Robertson, Founder Holacracy®, at our next:organizing conference

About Brian:
In 2001, Brian Robertson left a stable job and founded Ternary Software, a start-up software company that became a laboratory for experiments designed to answer that question. The principles and rules encoded in the Holacracy Constitution reflect learning from years of trial and error.

A next:practice: Holacracy®
Jump into a deeper understanding of Holacracy®, a unique »social technology« to organizations that wish to get things done without either the tyranny of consensus or micromanaging bosses. It brings structure and discipline to the peer-to-peer workplace. Listen to Brian’s talk at our next:organizing conference

Find out more about Holacracy®:

Brian Robertson talks about Holacracy®

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