The quality of our work comes from the quality of our relationships. (Marlow Hotchkiss)

We! dwarfs & Giants

Anna Wohlesser, evolutionary catalyst

Anna Wohlesser (c) Luiza Puiu

Evolutonary Catalyst

Degrees in Social- and Cultural Anthropology and Political Science at University of Vienna and University of Warsaw
Learning Design, Curriculum Development and Training
The Way of Council, Non-Violent Communication and Art of Hosting
Theory U & Mindfulness

Work Experience:
Organizational Developer and Process Designer with focus on public sector, NGOs and Social Start-ups since 2007
Large Group Facilitator and Learning Designer in formal and non-formal education since 2004

Main areas of Work:
Multi-stakeholder processes and large scale transformation in the public sector
Purpose-driven organizational design
Wholesome personal and professional development
Designing for innovation

German, English, French, Spanish and Polish

Special Skills:
listening to understand, seeing emerging patterns and practicing scary honesty


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