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Rewriting the future of organization!

dwarfs and Giants stands for next organization design and strategy development. We focus on supporting our clients to navigate the complexity of the 21st century.

We help to push your organization, your culture, your work, your roles toward a future we’ve all just begun to re-write and build.

dwarfs and Giants work is grounded in the organizations purpose: “rewriting the future of organization – Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.”

We believe in the value of co-creation and integrating different perspectives. All our work is grounded in vast experience with large systemic transformation, corporate development and organization design projects.

dwarfs and Giants stands for established systemic organisational development and especially for the support of organizations on their way towards agility and a new way of working. These new approaches are based on self organizing principles and cultures of innovations. We aim to strengthen the responsiveness of organizations within the context of volatile markets and digitalization.

in brief: we are supporting organizations to shift towards next:land.

There are different expeditions towards next: …

  • on the one hand we are consulting organizations to implement Holacracy
  • on the other hand we work with organizations on a more bespoke transformation towards next:land
  • basis of both ways – being purpose-driven, co-creating innovation cultures, leveraging self-organization, being more responsive and agile


In our article “auf zu neuen Ufern” within the special edition “Change. Wie agilen Unternehmen der Neustart gelingt” of the harvard Business manager we have drawn a picture of our stances and approaches. There is also a Wiki related to the article: #nextland.

We catalyze the evolution of wholesome next:organizations through:

  • purpose-driven organizing
  • agile and selfmanagement practices
  • implementing Holacracy
  • from strategy to strategizing
  • Creating cultures of innovation
  • driving digital transformation

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